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Uninsured Motorists Cause Problems for Louisiana Auto Accident Victims

There are some things that are expected of drivers to be safe drivers. Don't drink and drive. Wear a seat belt. Insure yourself and your car. This last one is one that people can seemingly get away with because you don't know if someone else is uninsured... until an accident happens. Louisiana a "no pay, no play" state. This means that uninsured motorists are limited from receiving some compensations because they cannot provide those things to other drivers. They cannot collect on non-economic damages such as mental anguish, pain and suffering or loss of companionship. Their medical bill and property damage can typically still be recovered. Louisiana, there is a deductible, of sorts. The uninsured motorist is not allowed compensation for the first $15,000 in bodily injury damages and the first $25,000 in property damage. This policy intends to decrease the number of uninsured motorists by reinforcing the state financial responsibility laws that are in place.

The biggest problem for Louisiana drivers are uninsured drivers from out-of-state. Even though police verify a driver's auto insurance at the scene of an accident they can only enforce Louisiana state laws. Therefore, the uninsured motorist walks away with no legal consequences. Lawmakers in Louisiana are working to stiffen penalties for out-of-state uninsured drivers. While awaiting legislation, experts recommend getting insured and increasing your coverage.

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