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Two Passengers Injured When Driver Crashes Into School Bus

Sending our children off to school is entrusting them to someone else. They are in the care of teachers, coaches, and bus drivers. When you hear of a school bus accident, it can cause fear in the hearts of every parent.

A high speed chase down North Robertson resulted in a Chevy truck smashing into a school bus near Louisa Street. The chase happened on September 23 when two women in the truck ran from police. Beginning at 7 am, the cause of the chase because the police suspect the two women stole the truck. After speeding down Louisa, the truck sharply turned onto Robertson, where it encountered the bus.

The bus driver was not injured in the crash and there were no children on the bus at the time. Firefighters had to use special equipment to remove the women from the truck. Both women were taken to the hospital, but are expected to survive their injuries. The truck, heavily damaged from the wreck was sent careening into a yard across from where the crash occurred.

Even though there were no children involved in this crash, it still caused much damage and some injury. An auto accident attorney can help you see what to do after an accident.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of an auto accident, let us help you. Contact Venegas Law, your New Orleans auto accident attorney today!

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