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Should You Settle Your Auto Accident Injury Claim Out of Court?

When you hire an auto injury attorney, there are some options for pursuing compensation after the injury. You can sue, in court or settle your claim out of court, with the insurance company. While insurance providers prefer to settle out of court, you and your attorney have to decide what's best for you.

Insurance companies want to settle out of court. It saves them from having to defend at trial and they will do whatever they can so the case doesn't go to court, helping them to minimize costs and to manage risks. If you settle for a sum of money out of court, it releases the insurance company and the defendant from further responsibility.

As the injured party, settling out of court can be beneficial to you. It can save you the wait for the court to solve your case. Also, if you go to court, you risk not getting anything, if you lose, A settlement is a compromise with the person liable for your damages.

What should you include in your settlement? There are two types of damages with which you can receive compensation. General damages are typically non-economic which can't easily be quantified. These include pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment, loss of companionship or disfigurement. Special damages are economic. This includes medical treatment, lost wages, property damage and amny more considerations.

When it comes to an auto accident injury, don't go it alone! Brandon Venegas is an experience auto injury attorney with strong experience in litigation and insurance settlements. Let the Venegas Law firm give you free, no obligation guidance on the merits of your case and a professional opinion as to litigation or settlement.

If you have any questions about settlements, contact us, the Venegas Law Firm, your Louisiana auto injury attorney today!

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