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Pedestrian Injuries - What Are Your Rights?

Pedestrians share the same streets we do. We are all expected to follow the law - cars, bicycles and pedestrians. If you, as a pedestrian, are injured by a vehicle, you have rights. Hiring a qualified Louisiana pedestrian injury attorney can help you figure out what those rights are.

What is negligence?

As much as pedestrians have to be cautious while sharing the road, so do motorists. Many times when a pedestrian is struck, it's due to negligence on the driver's fault.

What actions can be counted as negligence?

  • Driving while impaired with drugs of alcohol

  • Failure to yield to a person in a crosswalk

  • Speeding, running a stop light or turning illegally

  • Being distracted by things such as cell phone

Third party negligence can include:

  • Traffic lights that aren't working properly

  • Road damage

  • Signs that are wrong or missing

  • Road obstructions, such as equipment for construction

After the accident

It is important to know what to do after being hit by a vehicle. Medical attention is the most immediate concern, so you should always get checked out by a medical professional. After that, contact a Louisiana pedestrian injury attorney to help you determine who's liable and what kind of compensation you may or may not be entitled to. Not only are you entitled to medical expenses, but you are entitled to pain and suffering compensation.

Contact us, your Louisiana pedestrian injury attorney, for help today.

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