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New Orleans Officer Injured in Car Accident

Two people were injured in an automobile accident that occurred Tuesday evening at approximately 6 p.m. November 24. One of the drivers, New Orleans police officer Sgt. Roderick Franklin, was driving his marked cruiser at the time. Franklin's injuries were minor. The other driver's injuries were more serious. You should consult with a New Orleans auto accident attorney anytime you are involved in a motor vehicle collision, even if you feel fine at the time.

According to Elroy Roberts and E.L. Smith, who witnessed the November 24 crash from a van parked on Congress Street, a silver Mazda 626 with its lights off ran the stop sign on North Claiborne Avenue at a high rate of speed. The police car was traveling westward on N. Claiborne at normal speed. The front of Sgt. Franklin's cruiser suffered major damage and was spun 180 degrees. Roberts said the driver of the Mazda narrowly missed a vehicle traveling on Congress before striking the police car.

The Mazda then went through a fence and came to rest in the yard of the home at 1600 Congress. Though the vehicle came very close to the house, there was no apparent damage to the home. Both drivers were transported to the hospital. If you need a New Orleans auto accident attorney, contact the Venegas Law Firm for a free consultation about your case your legal rights. We can come to you.

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