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FBI Cracks Down on Auto Accident Scams

Auto Insurance Fraud

Operation Sudden Impact has dealt a serious blow to the problem of auto accident fraud in our country. The operation, which was led by the FBI, brought to light more than one hundred suspects. Many of these suspects were from the Chicago area, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune, but officials believe there are actually auto accident rings all over the country. Many of them even travel from town to town, creating new claims.

You might think it would be difficult to fake an accident. In actuality, these criminals have a highly sophisticated way of operating. They will file accident claims on paper without any real evidence to back up the claims, and they will even stage accidents, using actors as "witnesses" and "victims." Their methods often work, resulting in thousands of dollars in compensation money. However, it's clear that their game is just about over, according to the FBI.

As your New Orleans auto accident lawyer, we want you to know that we take accident scams seriously. However, we also take our auto accident clients seriously when they report an accident and want to file a claim. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, we'd like to speak with you. We're confident we can help you, and we'll fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us, your New Orleans auto accident lawyer today.

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