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Uninsured Motorists May be on Police Cameras in Nine Parishes

It's never a good idea to drive without car insurance on your vehicle. Even so, in New Orleans, this continues to be a serious problem. Accidents occur all the time, and many of those motorists do not have the proper insurance coverage on their vehicles.

According to an article on The Times-Picayune website, there are some big changes coming that will allow police officers to catch drivers who don't have insurance on their cars. Several areas in New Orleans are adopting a police camera system to assist them with cracking down on violators.

The technology that will be used is incredible. A company called Louisiana Insurance Consortium actually owns the cameras that will be used in these operations. Officials are quick to point out that the cameras will not be used to catch people speeding or breaking traffic laws, but they do have the ability to capture license plate photos and run insurance information on the spot. Violators who are found can then be issued tickets.

Hopefully this technological change serves New Orleans well and improves the police department's ability to protect its citizens even further.

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